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The Fellpack Csomagolóanyagokat Gyártó és Forgalmazó Szolgáltató Kft. (Fellpack Packaging Material Manufacturer And Distributor Ltd.) is significant company in the Hungarian packaging and wrapping material manufacturing and distribution since 1993. We primarily produce plastic (polyethylene, BOPP - cellophane like) products.

We have big stock from standard products in wide range regarding sizes and colors, but we can produce custom products in unique sizes, colors and with custom printing up to 10 colors. The products are orderable in small quantities (from 100pcs in case of standard products, from 500-1000pcs in case of custom products) with short delivery times.


Product range


Self adhesive envelopes
(for sending invoices, delivery notes, freight papers)
Self adhesive envelopes Stretch film Stretch film
LDPE/HDPE film and foil LDPE/HDPE film and foil BOPP (cellophane like) bags,
even in closeable format
BOPP (cellophane like) bags
T-shirt shopping bags, carry-out bags T-shirt shopping bags, carry-out bags Garbage/trash/bin bags Garbage/trash/bin bags
Bags with flexi loop handle Bags with flexi loop handle Punched handle bags Punched handle bags
LDPE and HDPE bags and sacks LDPE and HDPE bags and sacks Gripper/zip-lock bags Gripper/zip-lock bags
Rubber bands Rubber bands Plant bags/containers Plant bags/containers


For actual prices please contact us. Please write the material type (LDPE, HDPE, PP), the size, thickness (or loading capacity), printing needs (number of colors, graphic size) or the purpose of the packaging.




Fellpack Kft

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Address: 1173 Budapest, Flamingó köz 6/b. Hungary
Phone: +36-1/258-5778
Fax: +36-1/253-5568
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 17:00 (CET)
  Saturday, Sunday: Closed